Spiritual Direction – expectations, preparing to meet, etc.

Spiritual direction with Rich offers you . . .

Clarity in discerning:
• God’s movement in the circumstances of your life;
• Spiritual gifts already at work in your life;
• The quality of your vocational response to God’s calling;
• Next steps on your spiritual and vocational journey.

Topics often brought to spiritual direction . . .

• Unnamed losses in life, unfinished grieving;
• Shifts in relationships or health;
• The hidden poverties in your life;
• Hunger for growth in prayer;
• Search for meaning in life and work.

Areas of vocational discernment . . .

• Discernment of charisms at work in your life right now;
• Discernment of God’s willing and God’s calling in your life;
• Areas of response or resistance to God’s willing and God’s grace;
• Prayer practices that lead to and express mature faith.

Spiritual direction by phone . . .

In addition to a face-to-face direction, Rich offers spiritual direction by phone and/or video conferencing. To arrange for an introductory conversation, please email Rich 

About the spiritual direction relationship. . .

All work is one-to-one.  In Rich’s practice spiritual direction is not about “solving problems” but about finding patterns of God’s movement, grace, and willing in your life’s circumstances.

What you can expect . . .

• Unconditional welcome and respect for who you are and where you are in your life;
• Permission to be yourself – unadorned, honest, striving for clarity and meaning;
• Encouragement and insight, in an unrushed and prayerful environment.

How to prepare . . .

• Prayerfully reflect, a day or two before your session, on what God would have you notice about your life, what you are working on, challenges you are facing;
• Notice what Scripture passages speak to your heart or imagination at this time;
• Make note of the concerns you want to bring to the session;
• Be prepared. Sessions last one hour, so consider in advance how you want to use that time. And be prepared, too, for the movement of the Holy Spirit.

How the session flows . . .

• At the start, you will be given time to calm from the noise of the day.
• Rich will invite you to share a meaningful passage from Scripture or some other meaningful text.
• Silence follows until you are ready to lead or request the opening prayer.
• Rich will ask you what you would like to discuss during the session.

Customary offering . . .

$50 per session, or what your means allow.

Email Rich, for more information, and to discern whether spiritual direction is right for your needs.