About Spiritual Direction


Spiritual Direction can best be summed up as inviting someone along your journey of life to provide guidance and, most especially, a listening ear.  Everyone’s journey is unique.  One’s situation in life and on-going discernment will determine which approach best fits an individual at any given time.

  • If you desire growth in prayer and gratitude
  • If you are facing an important decision or making a discernment
  • If you are facing a change or transition in your life
  • If you are feeling fragmented, disjointed, out-of-touch
  • If you are dealing with loss of any kind

Spiritual Direction offers a safe, non-judgmental place for the directee where his/her experiences is taken seriously.   Articulating and clarifying these experiences with a spiritual director assists the person to notice even more about his/her conscious relationship with God.

For more information regarding spiritual direction please (click here).

You may also wish to watch this video regarding spiritual direction. –

I am available as a Spiritual Director.

  • For more information regarding what to expect for a session, how to prepare for a session, fees, etc.  (Click here)
  • If you are interested in setting up a meeting time please fill out a request form (click here)
  • As a member of Spiritual Directors International, I abide by the code of conduct approved by the organization.  For more information regarding this please go to the Guidelines for Ethical Conduct
  • Membership Certificate for SDI:




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