Advent Reflection – Christmas Eve

“For ever I will sing the goodness of the Lord.” – Ps 89:2

St. Augustine of Hippo is attributed writing the phrase, “He who sings, prays twice.”  Whether he wrote this or not is not my concern here, and I love the phase anyway.  Singing and music have always been a part of my life.  Growing up I learned to play the piano though not very well.  My parents loved music – my dad loved to sing and mom loved to sing as well as play the piano.  They certainly instilled the love of music in me as well as all my siblings.

A little story about my dad that I love.  He was a member of our local parish choir for many years.  It wasn’t a very big choir as I recall, maybe 10-15 members.  But they were a dedicated group and my dad always went to the practices.  Often he would bring me along to join with the choir and to sing as best as I could.  My favorite memory is that dad ALWAYS had a solo part somewhere during the Mass.  We never really knew when the solo was to take place because it was never planned!  He would always mess up along the way and sing out his unplanned solo part.  I loved to hear him sing so I never felt embarrassed…and I don’t think he did either!

This brings me back to the scripture today.  No matter how we sing or pray, if we do it for the love of the Lord, we do it with a good heart.  That’s what my dad did.  And it’s what matters most of all to the Lord.  So, as we draw close to the celebration of Christmas, I invite you to do everything with a song in your heart and, maybe sometimes, even join in singing some of those familiar carols in loud voice.  For if you “mess up” like my dad, it doesn’t really matter for “he (or she) who sings, prays twice!”

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