Advent Reflection – Day 17

Parable of the Two Sons – Mt 21:28-32

Jesus follows up the question that the chief priests and elders had of him regarding his authority from yesterday’s Gospel with a question of his own today.  It is the parable of the two sons – one who does not agree to go to work in the field initially but eventual does what his father has asked, the other, immediately agrees to do the father’s will but does not go into the field to work at all.  The answer to the question of who did the father’s will was obvious.  The implication of this question was also obvious to the chief priests and elders.

As we reflect upon this parable today, the question may be not so much as to which son does the father’s will, rather which one of the two sons might I identify.  Am I more like the first son?  Refusing to do God’s will? But now finding that I have some misgivings about that decision?  Finding that there is something deep inside of me that is saying, “Go, and do what God wishes.” Or am I more like the second of the two sons, responding that I will indeed do the God’s will.  But find that I truly am not doing the father’s will.  I may think that I am doing the father’s will, but discover it is more what I desire to do.

Remember that parables are meant to help us to reflect, to challenge, to go deeper.  No matter which of the sons in this parable you identify with, what is God asking of you today?  Where is God calling you to follow him more closely?  What steps do you need to take now?

Lord, help me to follow your will today.  As we draw closer to the celebration of your birth, may I come to know more deeply your presence within.  Amen.



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