Who do you say that I am?

Jesus in the Gospel for today asks his disciples Who do people say that I am? The disciples respond easily with the names they had heard from others – Elijah, John the Baptist, one of the prophets.  Then Jesus takes the disciples a bit deeper and more personal with the next question – Who do you say that I am? Peter responds quickly with You are the Christ!  And that ends the discussion.

The gospels do not record any further discussion or responses of the other disciples.  However, I wonder how the other disciples may have responded to that same question? Would they have been as certain as appears to be for Peter?  Would they have responded in the same way?

Is it not the same for us?  We find it easy to respond to the first question with responses that others say about who Jesus is.  We, as Christians, pick up Peter’s response and say that Jesus is the Christ.  But is that how we would respond to Jesus?  What is our personal experience with the person of Jesus?  Let’s take time to reflect upon that question today.


2 thoughts on “Who do you say that I am?

  1. A challenging post, Rich. So often I listen to familiar Scripture passages and never apply the message to myself. Thanks for reminding me that internalizing the message of Jesus is the whole point.


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